The humanitarian catastrophe of Central African Republic, caused by decades of internal fighting, poor governance, and excerbated by the 2013-2014 pick of violence in country, left a legacy of disrupted services and inability to ensure proper order.

FSD started operations during Spring 2014, and since then a wide portfolio of operations to provide basic services to the population was implemented, including:

  • Sanitation: emptying latrines in the M’poko camp while delivering Risk Awareness Messages to prevent accident deriving from handling grenades or other explosives of War;
  • Exhumation and inhumation of bodies casually buried outside cemeteries or left in water wells and channels;
  • Rehabilitation of infrastructures necessary for market and exchanges (barge);
  • Risk Education and Armed Violence Reduction campaign;
  • Support to the administrative and logistic reconstitution of the FACA (Central African Army) , including biometric registration of former soldiers, rehabilitation of barracks and infrastructures, provision of training in HR, Logistics and Management.